3 Killer Inversion Workouts

Inversion therapy has been known to cure back pain. According to a study done by Newcastle University, in England, it was found that about 70% people suffering from back pain, avoided surgery by taking the route of inversion therapy.

Today, we’ll tell you 3 killer inversion workouts, which help make your body strong and more resistant to diseases.

  1. Inverted Squats

Squats are known for shaping butts. This exercise tightens the core muscles and works on lower back. Inverted squats are the same squats, but the only difference now is that your body is inverted and that you are resisting against the force of gravity.

Simply, hang yourself upside down from an elevated position and start squatting. Since you’ll be inverted, you will feel a gush of blood towards your face and back of the head. Use your hamstrings and glutes to pull you up. People suffering from back pain often have poor development of above mentioned muscles. Make sure to periodically exercise them to make them stronger.

  1. Inverted Crunches

Crunches are a world famous exercise, used to tighten abdomen and target lower back muscles. The best part is that you don’t even need a fancy equipment to perform them. Just lie flat on the ground or exercise mat, put your hands behind your head and move in a rhythmic position.

Inverted crunches are same like the normal crunches. Only difference is that you are now upside down. This makes the exercise more challenging and more worth the time. When doing crunches, one important thing to know is to make sure that your neck is not moving with a carefree attitude. You may be tempted to move your neck with a carefree motion to give yourself a slight boost, but it is dangerous as it can cause neck pain and may worsen your condition. This is a demanding exercise so don’t just dive right into it. Always consult your doctor on what to do, if you feel that the pain is getting out of control.

  1. Inverted Rotation

Think of rotation like “stretching”. Stretching is like a warmup or a pre-workout, in which all your muscles gradually feel more active after some moderate exercise. The warmup induces more blood flow to capillaries which in turn, makes your body more active.

When undergoing inverted rotation, remember to take deep breaths and allow the extension of your opposite hands towards the table legs. Switch the hands and do it again for the opposite side. Perform multiple sets with regular breaks to ensure your body is trained enough to fight the back pain.

Inverted rotation is a great way to improve, overall flexibility in your body. The exercise movements stretch the tight muscles along your side and make you feel more energetic.