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Bodyscape Sculpture Studio - Waiheke Island, New Zealand.
Olivier Duhamel

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  Located on beautiful Waiheke Island, near Auckland, New Zealand, Bodyscape is the studio of sculptor Olivier Duhamel.
  I specialise in small bronze female figurines, which I sell in art galleries in New Zealand, Australia, France, Belgium and China.

In the course of my practice, I am often working with plaster and I have naturally been having some fun making bodycastings for my friends. Friends of friends have also been queuing to have a casting done and I am  now offering you the chance to discover the magic of having a sculpture made from your own body made by a professional body caster.

52yo, a husband and father of 3, as an artist I am concerned with beauty and emotion, as a man I feel that the female figure is the most beautiful form there is.... Read more....  or see what's next...>

25 July 2009 - media release

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  A life casting, also called body casting, is a detailed impression of a part of a living body, which is then cast in plaster or other material to make a lifelike, life-size, realistic and very personal sculpture.

Bodyscape is running a number of hands-on workshops in his Waiheke Island paradise retreat.
New Zealand sculptor Olivier Duhamel crafts delightful small bronze figurines in his Waiheke Island workshop.

He also publishes a number of popular art tutorials sharing his experience with sculptors and hobbyists.


These drawings do not convey any particular message, do not attempt any conceptual or symbolist exploration, nor do they search to be innovative at all cost. They are rather trying to simply capture the beauty and sensuality of his subjects of study (nude women) 

A nicely posed and well crafted life casting is an elegant sculpture of timeless beauty.
An life casting sculpture  in my Waiheke Island garden.

Bronze casting by New Zealand sculptor Olivier Duhamel
An elegant bronze sculpture by Olivier Duhamel

Detailed pencil drawing of a nude woman.

It can be made from almost any part of the body: face, bust, torso, hands, back,  neck and cleavage, bum, pregnant belly... even your entire body. It can also include elements of clothing, hair and accessories.
  The procedure consists of first making a mould directly on the body. This mould is then used to cast a positive reproduction. If carefully done by a skilled artist, the result is an elegant and highly realistic sculpture. See what Wikipedia has to say about life casting.

We also provide a detailed Body Casting Tutorial explaining everything one needs to know to make a realistic, life size plaster sculpture of someone's torso. (or any other body part.)

Are you visiting Waiheke Island? We suggest that you do something different from the mandatory wine tasting and beach frying... get a body casting done in less than one hour...

These elegant pieces of fine art can be purchased from many reputable art galleries in New Zealand, in Australia, in France and in China and also from my Waiheke Island studio

Olivier is the author of the Bronze Casting Manual, a complete tutorial taking you step by step through an easily achievable casting project for professional sculptors and hobbyists.

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 My principal inspiration is the female nude which I depict using graphite pencil on paper with great attention to details.

I regularly practice the discipline of life drawing and numerous nude sketches are published here for your viewing pleasure.

I accept commissions for finely rendered pencil drawings and portraits. A distinctive and original gift.

Are you considering modelling for artists in your area? Advertise yourself for free on the forum. (US, UK, Canada, Ireland, South-Africa, France, OZ, NZ and anywhere else..)

Contact me


Portraits drawings in pencil on paper Nude drawings here... click and watch....

Images of my body castings... amazing...fascinating... Body casting is easy, affordable and fun... Follow me to learn

Bronze figurines... beautiful... lovely...lovable... 



 Visiting Waiheke Island?
The best place to live 2010.)

Make sure to stop by 49 Church bay road in Oneroa and visit my workshop. please call 372 7220 to see whether I am home.
I enjoy showing visitors around...

A female torso of classical elegance - Life casting  Mugshot of Olivier Duhamel, your friendly operator... A nude woman in Bronze - figurative sculpture A emotive portrait ,  (Body casting in Auckland) An exclusive display stand - (Body casting in Auckland) hands in prayer    (Body casting in Auckland) Nude woman in pencil on paper





  "Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing."~ Salvador Dalí


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