Addition Of Two New Water Fountains Inside The Gym

new hydration station

It is our joy to announce that we have added two new water fountains inside the gym. The gym’s administrative committee thought about the ways to improve the workout experience of their clients.

When it comes to workout, the place where workout is happening sub-consciously affects your brain. If it not a tension free place, no matter how much intense workouts you indulge into, your personality will develop negative traits. These traits will affect your everyday life and you will feel angrier and more pessimistic than your normal routine.

Presence of a beautiful scenery relaxes your mind. Imagine looking at a painting of ‘The Himalayas’ or seeing lots of grass in the morning.

You feel less stressed because you are viewing nature.

Benefits of Installed Fountains

hydration benefits

Fountains depict nature. In closeness, they resemble a waterfall.

Coming to gym from a hard day’s work, when you first enter the gym and see the running fountains courtesy of the best kitchen faucets found on the internet, you feel younger, fresher and ready to give your max at the gym.

Then, between your workouts, you will feel thirsty. Like a marathon runner, who is traveling through Sahara desert but when you will gaze upon the nearby fountains, you will feel a gush of sudden water flowing through your veins. Every time you look at the gym, you will feel more active and perform better in your exercises.

Regularly looking at water fountains also reminds one to have a hydrated body. Experts recommend drinking 8 – 12 glasses of water, DAILY. But we often forget that.

Now when you are perspiring your max over gym exercises and you see lots of water, you will feel thirstier and this will sub-consciously signal your brain that it is time to drink more water.

After your workout, pictures for your social media accounts are very important. Everyone must know the benefits of a healthy workout. You need a place with dope background, where you can display your healthy body. And, one of the best places to take gym selfies is near our fountains.

Not every gym has a fountain. This is a facility which is often admired. When you will show your gym pics to your friends and family, not only they will admire your healthy body. They will also want to join a gym which promotes health with nature’s view. Imagining best case scenario: Your friends may want to join you in your workout routine after seeing your pics.

In this way, you will be contributing towards the greater good i.e. making lives of people healthier.