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Body Casting Manual
Bodyscape's  "Body Casting Manual" is  an easy to follow life casting tutorial explaining how to make a beautiful sculpture of someone's bust...

 ...or any other body part including hands and feet, pregnant belly, head and face, baby’s hands and feet.

A emotive portrait , Body sculpture in Plaster
Amazingly realistic details faithfully reproduced in plaster.























Make a torso like this one.. How to?

How to make a beautiful, realistic and durable plaster sculpture of a female torso? (or any other body part)

 With our casting instruction handbook, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3....


1 - Purchase and download our  casting manual by clicking on the   button below.

You can also purchase a paperback version from
or as an Ebook

3 - When you have all the materials, make an alginate mould directly on her skin as described in the tutorial. (This is the fun part...1 hour.) - Collect the necessary materials from one of the online shops listed on the manual and from your local hardware store. This is the cheapest way to make a life casting.  (Online shops listed for USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia,  South Africa, France  Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and more...)


How to make a mould of someone's torso ?  Easy and affordable 4 - Then cast plaster into the mold as described in the manual. Absolutely no previous mold making experience required. (1 hour)
5 - When the plaster has set (3 hours) unmold the sculpture. pouring plaster in the alginate mold... (Boobs casting manual)
Unmoulding the beautiful casting   (Boobs casting manual) 6 - When the plaster has dried (2 weeks)  seal it or paint it....
7 - Admire....a beautiful plaster replicate of her body...

Homemade body sculpture... It is easier that you think... a beautiful plaster memento of her so seductive anatomy..(life casting).
A homemade body casting...

This is a fun, simple and affordable DIY project for playful couples.

In reading this site you may already have a good idea of what is entailed but this handbook will delve into more details and tell you everything you need to know to see your body casting project through to completion successfully. It is surprisingly easy...

Although the manual has been written using a female torso as an example, the same tools and techniques described in the book can be applied to any other part of the body, male or female. (see the images below.)
  - Like it?

A rewarding project
In this handbook  I have focussed on a simple yet wonderfully rewarding project.  I have selected affordable and easy to source products and illustrated a method that is both proven and easy to implement, ensuring that you complete your sculpture to satisfaction with a minimum of fuss.


How long does it takes?
Once you have collected all necessary materials, you only need about one hour to make the mold.... one hour to pour the plaster.... and one hour to finish the sculpture...
This is quick, easy, affordable and fun...


Is this safe?
The alginate used to make the mold is the same product that dentists use to take tooth prints. It is organic and perfectly skin safe. These products have been used for the purpose of body casting over many decades and are true and proven.     


Casting kits ?
We do not sell any casting kit. The necessary tools and ingredients are easy to find and our manual lists a large number of suppliers around the world.


" I look forward to you next book. These are the best I have seen on casting."
Kevin M,
(Denton, TX USA)


Are you pregnant?
The book shows you how to make a wonderful memento of your pregnancy. This is quick, easy, comfortable and affordable.
Pregnant belly casting - a fun DIY project

See below what Virginie did with our body casting  manual.

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A emotive portrait , Body sculpture in Plaster  A classical and sensual artwork    Body sculpture in Plaster I love backs... a larger project... still easy to make. a beautiful bust... Hands on back... an intimate gesture pregnant belly - a memento of motherhood Every piano deserves a bust....

Why this lifecasting "how to" manual?
After receiving regular and numerous emails asking me for advise on how to best replicate someone's body part, I have realised that there is a demand for a simple, clear and affordable instruction manual. The ultimate body casting "how to".

Drawing on my experience I have written a set of concise and easy to follow life casting instructions and published it in an illustrated 63 pages manual.  These comprehensive and clearly laid out directions will ensure that you make a beautiful and durable casting the first time.


A close-up of the nipple 
These photos give an idea of the level of details you will be able to reproduce in plaster.

This video clip is 3 minutes long and it illustrates the entire step by step body casting procedure. It is recommended viewing.

"Congratulation for this book. Very enjoyable reading, clear in both content and presentation, Nice cultural remarks...etc  It really does make you want to cast in plaster all the lovely pedestrians; It seems so easy and accessible..."
Stephane M, France, May 10


"I have been doing alot of research online to find the best but also easiest way for me to create my body parts. There are many different websites but I have found this one to be one of the most useful and explanatory. "
Jane, UK, November 10

a graceful artwork of classical elegance.
A faithful reproduction of her body
 Every piano deserves a bust...
Body casting is a mold made on a live body.
Capture her lovely curves for posterity...
An original, unique, personal and sensous artwork.
A nude statue in a corner of the garden...
immortalize your bust.
Pagan beauty...
A sculpture that is durable and very realist.
As the venus de Milo
An elegant female torso
Are you proud of your breasts?
A female bust, beautiful as nature intended.

What does the manual cover?
The first part is a practical step by step casting project using a female torso as an example. The second part gives further instructions on casting other body parts. (Head and face, pregnant belly, hands and feet, bay's hand and feet) and on how to use some other more robust casting materials such as Forton MG. . Most importantly, the manual tells you exactly where to go to buy some of the special materials needed, this will save you much time and guessing.

  • Overview of the process

  • What Tools and materials to buy, how much to buy and where to buy it from.

  • Step by step directions.

  • Finishing, hanging.

  • Safety tips

  • Troubleshooting

  • Pictures and illustration

  • Other Projects (hands, face, pregnant belly etc...)

  • Using Forton MG

  • Measurements are expressed in both metric and US customary units.

Click on the table of content below to see a preview and read extracts...


The book also discusses an innovative method to make the mold. We have perfected a technique that allows to build stronger, lighter, cheaper and faster molds. This is an improvement over traditional methods of making a body mold and is unique to Bodyscape.

How much will this all cost me?
All up, including the cost of the manual, you should not have to spend more than $70  probably less. (Manual $7, Alginate$30, Bandages $15, Plaster $8, bits and pieces $10). Our method has to be the cheapest way to make a plaster body cast. You will nevertheless be amazed by the amount of details this body casting technique will capture and replicate.

Printing Instructions.
Although the casting instruction guide  can be read on your computer screen once downloaded, It is probably preferable to print it for easy reference while working. It should print two pages per A4 or Letter sheet. Depending on your printer capabilities, you can also print it double sided. You can then fold each page in half and staple together a handbook.
You will need a PDF reader to view and print the file. Download one here for free.

Printed double sided, folded and stappled together in a handy life casting instruction booklet
Our famous "Body casting manual" printed...

This is not difficult.
After years of practice body casters develop a know-how that allows them to express themselves in wonderful ways. But anybody, if given proper instructions, can achieve an amazing artwork at their first attempt. Much of the visual impact of the final sculpture is in selecting a seductive pose; let your artistic flair guide you but make sure to read our tips and hints. We will show you the easiest body casting techniques.

Technical Support.
Customers are warmly invited to contact me on with further questions, request for clarification, comments and feedback.  I would encourage you to join our  life casting discussion board where other members can benefit and contribute to technical body casting questions and share their experience in a open forum format....



Do I need to shave my body hairs?
No, hairs will painlessly glide out of the alginate mold.  


“I have been reading your web site and bought your Body Casting Manual, download version.  Many thanks for providing a great detailed step by step manual for such a reasonable price. I find your work very interesting.”
Shelley, NZ, Oct 2010


Gift Idea?
Buy the manual, one bag of alginate and 5 rolls of plaster gauze. Put everything in a plastic bucket and you have an original, and embarrassing present for a couple amongst your friends...


 If you have attempted life casting before and have been disappointed or frustrated. This handbook will reconcile you with the idea. The whole project should cost you about what you would pay for a restaurant meal for two (with a bottle of wine) and use about as much time…. Enjoy…


Home business?
Why don't you use your newly acquired expertise and start a small home business? Advertise in your local newspaper to offer the service...


"His book is not only informative, but also quite witty and easily readable as well. It is great for beginners and can be helpful to seasoned lifecasters as well.."
Joe Sculptor, USA, May 10



Translated into French by Marie-France Duhamel

Translation services ENGLISH / FRENCH - Services de traduction FRANÇAIS / ANGLAIS

A emotive portrait , Body sculpture in Plaster  A beautiful life sculpture -- ( Body sculpture in Plaster) I love backs.... A emotive portrait , Body sculpture in Plaster A classical and sensual artwork    Body sculpture in Plaster Female hands digging into a male's back... Have yours done for NZD550 A female torso of classical elegance - Body casting beautiful as nature intended... Boobs in plaster



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