Unorthodox Dancing Awesomeness?

blender workout

Dancing, such a wonderful and lively habit to engage in. No wonder a few members of the animal kingdom engage in it too. The beauty of dancing is that you can do it anytime, anywhere and just
about to any beat. Yup, you can even dance to the tune of a handheld blender but it works best using a powerful Ninja or Vitamix blender. Heck, these powerful machines can even eat through your granny’s iPod just because you aren’t happy with her taste in music.

All you really need is about two-speed options in your blender. With a compact blender, you could do some really wicked stuff whilst pureeing tomato, making a butter egg mix and what not. High-
low, high-high, low-high- low…. You get the picture. Just match a tune and dance to the ensuing beats. Throw in some beatbox effects too if you are into all that.

Seen how today’s television exercise videos ask you to hold a 1lbs dumbbell when doing these aerobics? Well, why wait, just use a blender and do your aerobics right there in the kitchen as you
prepare your breakfast. Best of all, get your younglings involved in the kitchen. Kids love impromptu ideas and if it involves dancing well, no child can ever resist. Who knows your kid might turn out to be the next Junior Masterchef!

But hey, wait before you rush out and get just about any portable blender just because you never thought of using one in this manner. First, read up a few blender reviews and check out some blender buying guides to decide which handheld blender is actually worth investing into. But do remember our advice – get a model that has more than two-speed options at the very least. They do
make for some good beatboxing effects.