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Bodyscape - An illustrated demonstration of a face casting procedure.

Can you cast someone entire face?  Yes. see and example below.         
This is a casting of my own face made by my assistant Joelle Ferre.

Full face casting can be intimidating as you will need to have your entire face encased in alginate and plaster bandage for at least 20 minutes.

I can report that the procedure is very comfortable and not unpleasant at all.



 Here I am reclining on a long chair with a straw stuck in each nostril. Please do not laugh.

These straws will allow me to breathe during the casting process..

Alternatively, we can simply leave the nostrils free of alginate and plaster to allow the model to breathe.

Joelle is starting to apply the alginate over my face. It is cold at first but quickly warms up. I help by holding the straws while Joelle works the alginate around my nostrils.



 Joelle works quickly as the alginate will set in less than five minutes.

I am now fully covered by a thick layer of alginate.



 Joelle is now stretching wet plaster bandages over the alginate. I breathe easily and feel calm and relaxed.

Almost done... Joelle reinforces the edges of the mold. I can hear her voice but cannot understand what she says. I want to ask her to speak louder but I cant. I am floating in a comfortable and warm cocoon, abandoning my destiny to her skillful hands. I can barely hear, cannot speak, cannot see. I hear my slow breathing and smell the minty odour of the alginate. This is all rather pleasant and relaxing.



15 minutes have elapsed and we are now ready to remove the mold. I lean forward while Joelle is gently prying the mold open to set me free.

Et voila!!!  A few hours later my ugly mug is set in plaster for posterity.... I did not realise I had so many wrinkles...

Price indication $550

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