Five Simple Home Exercises

Many people want to work out but they simply don’t have enough time to go to gym. In the world of exercise, main thing is to have the right attitude. With enough determination, you can take care of your physical fitness almost everywhere.

Today, we’ll tell you five simple home exercises.

NOTE: It is recommended to start the following exercises after a warm-up.

  1. Pushups

Arguably the greatest exercise which utilizes almost all the body parts. Core is tightened, biceps are reformed and holistically, the body gets a definite shape. An exercise which can be done with multiple variations and is an equally effective tool in building triceps and core muscles.

  1. Cardio

Cardio or “cardiovascular” is an exercise which burns fat and boosts your stamina. These are not power oriented exercises and heart has to work extra in order to replenish the lost stamina. You don’t need to hit a fancy gym and expensive equipment to perform cardio. However, if you decide to get something for your home to help workouts, we suggest finding a budget treadmill. Just make sure you read up on treadmill reviews to make sure you get one that works for you and fits your living space.

Simply, try jumping exercises while standing on the same spot. You can also, run up and down on the stairs. Try jumping jacks, commando jumps and exercises which make you lose your stamina to ensure a maximum effect on all parts of your body.

  1. Crunches

An exercise which targets the lower abdomen. Most people want a flatter stomach and crunches might help, turning all their extra fat to useful muscle. However, if done incorrectly, you can suffer from a bad neck and lower back pain.

It is important not to be taken off by the sudden momentum generated by neck otherwise you can put undue pressure on it. Keep your hands behind your head and elbows in the rear position. One you have mastered this position, you can give yourself a treat of “bicycle crunches” – a crunch variation in which a person assumes a bicycle position with one leg in a bent position and the other straight off the ground

  1. Squats

Want to shape your butt? Squats are the exercise you should do.

Squats hit the areas of lower back, pelvic girdle and lower abdomen. You don’t need any type of fancy equipment to start the exercise. Just stand in an “attention” position and try to “half sit.” Repeat the exercise multiple times to view in order to get optimized results.

As you progress with the exercise, you can also take weights inside your hand to put more pressure on your lower back in order to develop more muscle.

  1. Burpee

A burpee is a full body exercise. Stand with your arms standing out, lean in for a push up and then get back up again. You can even include a jump at the end to have a bombastic effect. Go for multiple sets with periodic breaks in order to train your body to perfection.