Top 7 Ways To Lose Weight While Cleaning Your House

Have you ever wondered how your mother managed to stay in perfect body shape without ever doing fad diets and hitting the gym? It is household chores that make weight loss and weight management possible for all the stay-at-home mothers and women. There are several ways in which household chores can help you to lose weight.

Simply Tidying The House

When our moms say they are going to tidy up the house, we never pay much attention to them and think it is a worthless task. However, tidying up the house is actually a physically exhausting task that burns fat from all parts of your body as you are most likely going to be using all your body parts in the cleanup process.

Vacuum Cleaning

Did you know that a simple task like vacuum cleaning your home can burn around 238 calories in an hour! That means you can burn the slice of chocolate fudge cake you had with tea this morning just by vacuuming the floor for some time. Before you get started here, please realize that not all vacuum cleaners are built the same. Some might help lose weight like the bagless versions and other simply do nothing. Ya need you read up on some of the best vacuum cleaners for weight loss. This will help you get started.

Mopping Floors

Mopping the floors is another house chore that will help you to stay fit and healthy. Mopping is actually very physically demanding and works on your shoulders, arms and back fat as you mop the dirt away from the floor.

Doing The Laundry

Doing the laundry is as tedious as doing 100 squats a day! This works particularly well on your lower body muscles and keeps you muscles strong and sharp. Your body will stay in a good shape if you choose to do the laundry yourself every weekend so it is basically worth the effort.

Cooking Dinner for Family

How much do you love cooking for your loved ones? Well, in addition to the satisfaction you feel after cooking dinner for family you also burn so many calories during the entire process. So basically you burn calories and make space for the yummy dinner that’s on the way.

Going Up and Down the Stairs

If you live in a flat or apartment, this is not the case for you likely. However, if you live in a house you will understand what going up and down the stairs several times a day means! You are actually working on all the body muscles of yours, and burning the calories off at a very high rate.

Baby Caring

Some people think that giving birth is the most painful and physically daunting thing a woman can go through but little do they know about baby rearing. Caring for a new born till the time your child is ready for college – you have to be completely hands on at all time. Caring for your child is a full time job that drains you physically and hence keeps you in good shape too. You must have heard some women saying that the secret to their fit body is running after their little ones all day? Well, they really do mean it.