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Painters, Sculptors, art schools, art classes and drawing groups around the world regularly require the assistance of a "life model" for their practice.

For some people, working as a life model is a full time employment. It can simply provide you with some extra income for as little as a couple of hours each week. Read below an FAQ on Life modelling.


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Life drawing study

If you are interested in finding such assignments in your area, our discussion board offers a section where male and female of any age can advertise their services.

- This is completely free.

- It takes only a few minutes to register

- You can add a few lines about yourself, the type of work you are looking for, your experience etc...

- You can add photos of yourself if you wanted to.

- You can add links to your other model portfolios, blogs or web sites.

- The forum is indexed by all major search engines. This means that anybody can find you, not just visitors of this site.

- The forum is actively promoted to a variety of art collectives around the world.

- You can choose to publish your contact details so that artists can easily get in touch.

- You can choose to hide you contact details and ask artists to leave a message on the forum in the first instance.

- All Forum messages are public. This limits the risk of abusive or inappropriate messages.




Models Forum
Advertise yourself as a figure model anywhere in the world...


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nude model
  Modelling FAQ

What is Life Modelling?
Painters, sculptors and art students often practice "life drawing" or "figure drawing"
This means drawing from a live model as opposed to drawing from an image. Models must be able to keep a pose for extended period of times, from 30 seconds to one hour. It generally involves nudity.

Who can work as a life model?
Anybody, male or female of any age or body shape. The only requirement is the ability to keep still for extended period of time.

What kind of pose will I be asked to do?
This varies greatly from artist to artist. Art schools often ask for academic poses, Others will let you decide of the pose. Long poses are comfortable poses, generally lying down or reclining. Props are sometimes added to the scene ( draping, various objects..)


How much does it pay?
Life models are paid an hourly rate. It varies from country to country. Individual artist can pay more than art schools. It is not as glamorous as modelling for fashion but can provide a regular income. Many people find it easy money. Unlike photography models who are often being offered "work for print" (where you basically work for free); life models are actually being paid.

How long are the modelling sessions?

Generally a couple of hours, with breaks.

Will the drawings be sold?
Life drawing is largely a training exercise but the resulting sketches may very well be offered for sale. You may end up hanging on someone's wall or in an art gallery. You must be comfortable with that idea. Most artist and art schools will ask you to sign some sort of model release agreement.


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Logas Artist and models Male model and female artist Franz Fiedler Nude model posing
nude model

Are photos being taken?
NO. If you are being asked to be photographed during a modelling session, you can refuse. Nude photography is paid at different rates. This must be discussed beforehand.

I would love to pose but I am too fat, too old, too skinny...
You must be fairly confident and adventurous to disrobe in front of the artist. However, wrinkles, love handles, birth marks, cellulite, curves, creases and folds are no obstacle to modelling, on the contrary, they are evidence of a life well lived and make the drawing that much more interesting.

What are the qualities of a good model?
The most important aspect of modelling for life drawing is the ability to keep still. This can be difficult but does not have to be painful. The model is encouraged to take breaks from the pose to stretch and relax.

What is a model release statement?
This is a document intended to protect the interest of both model and artist. It can be used as a contract and describes the nature of the work, compensation and other aspects of the job.

Any other question?
Please contact me.

Models Forum
Advertise yourself as a figure model anywhere in the world...

Mark Stock Aktzeichnen Kate winslet pose nude in "Titanic"
Kate Winslet models for Leo Decaprio in "Titanic"

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