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Models for life drawing, nude drawings and figure drawings.


I am always looking for new models for life drawing, sketches, sculptures, reference photographs and body casting projects.

I also run a life drawing group at the Catherine Mitchell Cultural centre on Waiheke Island and requires the regular assistance of nude models (male and female.)

You must live in Auckland and be over 21 years of age. These are the only two requirements.

Please contact me to discuss fees and other details. If interested, please read the modelling FAQ below. You would be also asked to send me the following model release  statement

You can advertise yourself for free as a life model on this model forum. (male and female nude models from around the world.)


Are you an artist, painter or sculptor looking for the assistance of a nude model in NZ, OZ, US, UK etc...
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An academic drawing in pencil on paper nude figure drawing Nude portrait - elegant, unique, original A miniature nude drawing figure darwing sketch
Life drawing study

Modeling Testimonials

Read what Sally has to say about her modeling session.
"It has been my great pleasure to meet, and ultimately get to know, Olivier Duhamel. As a life-drawing artist and bronze sculptor based on Waiheke Island Olivier is great fun and highly talented. My first meeting with Olivier went down in my history as 'a moment in the life of Sally' and one I will always remember. This sketch is the result of that day and is now the property of Auckland City Art Gallery Archive department, I am now part of Auckland historical records! "

"Etre modèle féminin n´est pas chose impossible même si vous souhaitez que ce soit une expérience unique pour réaliser un rêve. Chaque femme, quel que soit son âge, peut poser même nue et être fière de montrer ses réalisations aux autres, au-delà d´être une expérience enrichissante, épanouissante, valorisante."
Annick Terwagne




Models Forum
Advertise yourself as a figure model anywhere in the world..
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Albertho Sughi Andrew Conklin Artist and models Artist and models in studio - 1900 Franz Fiedler Nude model posing
nude model
  Modelling FAQ

Do I get to keep the drawings?
Life drawing is mostly a training exercise and the models are welcome to keep their sketches. However I sometimes want to keep a piece of work to refine it later or use for future reference.
I can always give you a digital copy. If a particular drawing is good enough to be exhibited and sold, the model will get a print on quality paper.

How much do you pay?
Not much. I am really looking for people wanting to model for the novelty and the experience. Life drawings classes are typically paid up to NZD25 per hour.

How long are the sessions?

I like a couple of hours. I like to do many short poses of 5 to 10 minutes. Occasionally, a pose will catch my attention and I will want you to keep the pose longer, sometimes up to an hour but you can always take breaks whenever you feel uncomfortable and need to stretch. Modelling for life drawing is not really glamorous, it is hard work.

Will you sell my drawing?
That is the idea. You may end up hanging naked on someone's wall or in an art gallery. You must be comfortable with that idea. I would also ask you to specifically authorize me to exhibit the drawing by acknowledging a Model release.

Models Forum
Advertise yourself as a figure model anywhere in the world..
for free.

Dan deCarlo Logas Artist and models Male model and female artist Franz Fiedler Nude model posing
nude model

Do you take photos?
Yes, I sometimes take a digital picture of a particularly attractive pose to work on it "after hours" or to use for future reference. Not everybody like having their picture taken. I will always ask your permission first. I will give you a CD of any photo we make.

I would love to pose but I am too fat, too old, too skinny...
You must be fairly confident and adventurous to disrobe in front of the artist. However, wrinkles, love handles, birth marks, cellulite, curves, creases and folds are no obstacle to modelling, on the contrary, they are evidence of a life well lived and make the drawing that much more interesting. Besides, I am no Michelangelo and you do not have to be Linda Evangelista. ( If you happen to be Linda Evangelista, or one of her workmates, please contact me. )

Can I simply send you a picture instead of posing?
Yes, contact me. but I prefer to take the photo myself.

What are the qualities of a good model?
The most important aspect of modelling for life drawing is the ability to keep still. This can be difficult but does not have to be painful. The model is encouraged to take breaks from the pose to stretch and relax.

Any other question?
Please contact me.   More info about life modelling.


Models Forum
Advertise yourself as a figure model anywhere in the world..
for free.

Mark Stock Aktzeichnen Kate winslet pose nude in "Titanic"
  Model release statement.

This is a document intended to protect the interest of both model and artist. It can be used as a contract and describes the nature of the work, compensation and other aspects of the job. See an example Model release statement.

Models Forum
Advertise yourself as a figure model anywhere in the world..
for free.

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