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A video illustration of the casting of a woman's bust.

The long version (5minutes)  The short version (3 minutes)


Someone complained to Youtube that this video was in violation of the terms of use. Youtube removed it judging it to be pornography.

Watch it below and judge for yourself. Is this offensive in anyway?

Sad world  that consider the view a glimpse of human skin to be offensive.

Is free America more puritan and prudish than Islam?

This essential life casting video can also be watched on Youtube.
Or your can download it below:
avi (47Mb)

This video clip is 5 minutes long and it illustrates the entire step by step body casting procedure. It is recommended viewing if you have purchased our "Body casting Manual".
Thanks to our model, Chloe
The music of this body sculpture video clip is Antonio Vivaldi's sinfonia in C, RV 115, allegro ma non troppo.

This a shorter version (3minutes) of the same clip.

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This short video clip illustrates a different method, using wax instead of plaster. Read the full description.


Thanks Jill for being such a patient and graceful model.
The music illustrating this video is a Concerto for two violins in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach






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